“[This] Ball is great I have kids as young as four that I have been able to teach fielding and hitting without fear of injury we also have a quick pregame batting practice making a circle of players with me pitching in the middle to each player in the circle the ball doesn’t hurt if it hits me” – Daniel Flores, West Side Lions Little League, Arlington Heights  

    “I love this training aid. They fly better than wiffles and are better for hand eye coordination. I even passed some out as season ending gifts to my players with our team name and year written on them!” – Daniel Delacruz, Santa Monica Fastpitch

  “[This] ball has been a great addition to our pre-game and winter workouts. We have been using [This] ball for the past three months and have found the balls to be extremely durable.” – Ron Leach, Colorado Pride Softball Club


    “We have replaced all of our wiffle balls…The girls prefer to hit them during our pregame warm-up vs. wiffle balls…It is safer than some wiffle balls and it can be used anywhere! I would HIGHLY recommend them to any coach. I have used them with little league front toss and the objective was to ‘hit me’ . . . this was fun for them but safe for me. We use them for all kinds of games beyond just hitting practice.” – Dawn Gaffin, Legacy High School

  “Great for outdoors when breezy and allows identification of bat contact.” – Tim McElroy, Tustin Eastern Little League and Scorpions Baseball Club of Tustin  

    “[This] ball is a nice tool to be able to use inside without the worry of breaking things.” – Scott Trengove, WR Storm

  “Replaced my plastic wiffles. These balls are used at every practice in many different scenarios. The best training tool purchased this year.” – Brad Dain, Carlsbad Softball  

    “Love them!! My daughter hits them off a tee in the garage all the time. She is out there almost every day hitting, hitting & hitting” – Mel Otte, So Cal Madness (Claudy)

  “Great hitting option for kids prior to a game when cages and space aren’t available” – Gary Manley, Aliso Viejo Little League